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The Advantages Of Living Off-Campus

Posted on November 10, 2016 by Varsity Lets

Many students really enjoy their first experience living away from home in official student accommodation at Loughborough, Leicester or indeed any UK university. Often, these rooms and flats tend to be on campus or extremely nearby to all the main student facilities. However, once you get to your second year it will be time for the vast majority of undergraduates to take another big step and find a new place to live independently.

Fortunately, there a plenty of benefits to living off-campus which should make the whole process less scary and more enjoyable. Just consider all these advantages to not living on campus…

Freedom – The main benefit of living-off campus, either alone or with people you’ve chosen yourself, is the added freedom you get. You don’t have to bend around other people’s routines, you can come and go as you please, and you can live by your own rules (as long as you also respect your landlord’s rules, of course).

Eating – Whether you live in halls with food provided or self-catered accommodation, living on campus usually means you are more limited with where you can get food. Although services may be available exclusively for students, this might not be what you want most of the time, plus your cooking facilities are probably less than ideal. Living alone or sharing with just a few housemates should be better whether you want to eat in or out.

Privacy – Sharing with a larger number of people, as most students do when they first move into university accommodation on campus, means there will almost always be someone else around. If you live on your own, with family or with friends then you’ll probably get a lot more time to yourself, so you can study and relax in peace.

Facilities – When you move into a pre-selected student flat, you have to live with what you’re assigned. If this isn’t suitable, you might be wondering why you’re paying so much for it. Often, living off-campus means you can get a lot more for your money in terms of accommodation standards. Obviously this will vary, but doing your research early can really pay off and help you secure a bargain.

Overall, most students end up loving the independence and experiences they get when living off-campus for the first time. If you’re looking for student lets in Loughborough or Leicester, you can be sure that the local facilities will offer everything you need, plus we at Varsity Lets offer some fantastic properties with all the above benefits and more.

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