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Student food shopping: top tips for staying healthy on a budget

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Varsity Lets

The students of today are most likely on a budget and living a busy lifestyle. When it comes to food, many of them will tend to fall into a habit of eating out or buying microwave meals just for convenience. There really is no excuse in a place like this, since great shops selling fresh food are right on the doorstep of all Loughborough’s student lets and accommodation!

Even so, it can be tricky to stick to a cheap and healthy diet. If you are one of the many students struggling to balance finances and nutrition, don’t worry!  Here are some top tips to help you stay on top of your budget while getting all the health benefits you need!

Buy meat from the butchers: If you like to cook meat, buying it from a butcher tends to be cheaper than buying from a regular supermarket. It is fresh and can be purchased in bulk. Check out one of the best local butchers, ‘Purple Pig’.  You can find them on the Central High Street which is just a few minutes’ walk from most of the student accommodation in Loughborough.

Buy fresh vegetables from the market: Take advantage of the local market in Loughborough. It is located just by the centre of town, you can’t miss it! The market is open every Thursday and Saturday between 7am-5pm. Buying vegetables and fruits from the market is way cheaper, and again they always come in bulk.

Look out for reduced prices: Go to your supermarket (probably the main Tesco in the centre) and find out what time they cut their prices for food that will expire soon. Most supermarkets usually reduce their prices at a particular time. For example, Marks and Spencer often reduce their prices around closing time. You can even look out for the reduced price sections around the store.

Freeze your food: If you have any foods that are about to go off, always throw them in the freezer so that you can still eat them later on, if they are suitable for defrosting or cooking from frozen. Freezing your food will prevent you from wasting food and saves you money in the long run.

Plan a budget for a weekly shopping: Last but not the least, set a weekly budget for your food and plan your meals before shopping for them. Once everything is planned out, pick a day in a week where you will do all of your shopping in one go.

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