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Studying in the UK for Foreign Students

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Varsity Lets

There are currently about 436,585 students joining UK universities from outside the UK. High quality education and advanced academic facilities make the UK a favourable location for learning by foreign students. For those who are considering joining a university in the UK, this is what you will need to have:


Regardless of the course or university you choose, the following are the documents you will always need to present:

  1. Certificate of graduation, high school diploma for undergraduate students and Bachelor’s degree for post-graduate students.
  2. Academic transcript
  3. Reference letter
  4. Personal statement
  5. Copy of passport/visa


The first thing you need is to identify the course you would like to pursue, lucky for you, there’s no need to go through physical documents, everything’s online. If you’re a post-graduate student, then this would most likely be an advance on your undergrad course, and if you’re just through with high school, then find something you like.

Then identify which universities in the UK offer your preferred course. Most universities will allow you to apply online, if not, you can have admission papers posted to your destination. Confirm if you have the appropriate qualifications to pursue the course, too. Qualifications may differ across countries, so you should confirm with the university whether the qualifications are acceptable.

Once you’re accepted into a UK university, you can then apply for a student visa which will allow you to travel to the UK. Now you’re ready to begin your studies!


That said, there are still a few more things to consider, most important of which is univeristy fees. All universities should provide a detailed fee statement before you’re done applying, allowing you to decide if you can afford the tuition fees. You can either pay for the fees yourself or find a scholarship; fortunately, there are several scholarships funded by the UK government, individual universities or third parties.

You will also need accommodation, which will be your residence for the duration of your studies. With many students moving to the country, a new challenge arises, acquiring of accommodation facilities.

For students planning to study within Loughborough and Leicester, Varsity Lets offers affordable and conveniently-located accomodations. We provide a large number of student accommodation premises to choose from, you will have a wide selection that differ in price, location and facilities; then you can take the best option for you.

When choosing student accommodation, consider your university’s location as well as that of your part-time job’s, if you’ve got one. It is important to find one because that could help you raise university fees as well as earn you experience in a particular field. Therefore, choose accommodation that is close enough to these and any other activities you shall be doing.


We all deserve to get the education we want, even if it means traveling out of the country and planting yourself in new surroundings. Being away from your homeland can provide opportunities to learn and grow more, so take that leap. Get that UK-education you’ve always wanted.

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